Friday, 19 October 2018

Toys for tots Nigeria 2018

End of the Year Project

Project 'Toys for tots Nigeria 2018' means a whole lot to us all at LCF.

Having researched on the role of toys to the cognitive, social and economic development in children, we decided to coin a project around our findings.
We hence discovered that just as some privileged children fully bloom as regards to their cognitive, social, economic development, some less fortunate ones never get to have the same opportunity.

Furthermore, we discovered that so many people get their childhood stolen from them as is the case with so many grown ups who never had the chance to enjoy a proper childhood because of the economic conditions of their parents or wards as the case maybe.
Some of these people as interviewed revealed their feelings while growing up; seeing some children have a toy or some toys they call their own and them without because their parents/wards could not afford any for them.

With all said, we all at Love Chariz Foundation (LCF) are going all out to campaign for 500 fairly used toys from privileged children in Nigeria, for distribution to 500 less fortunate children in some Orphanages as well as in some villages in Abuja Nigeria this Christmas.

We believe that every child deserves to have a toy they can call their own no matter the economic disposition of their parents/wards...

Every child should enjoy a proper childhood.

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500 toys to go.
Clear that toys cluster!
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Friday, 5 October 2018

Parents Teen Relation (PTR)

Why You Must Let Your Teen Take The Adventure Of Self Discovery.

1. It’s A Challenge:
A challenge being an invitation to engage in a “fight” (in this case, the fight that one has to go through in life) avails your son an opportunity to unveil his ability to eventually be a man. Trust me, your teen will realise whether he is growing into a man (when he faces a challenge advanced to him by reason of an adventure he has embarked on) or not. Watch him engage in an activity that pushes him to his limit and watch his response to that situation. For instance, letting him check himself into school on resumption, may be the challenge that brings out qualities in him you never knew existed. Every teenager (especially boys) needs to have an experience that pushes him to his limit. This is what a challenge does. That challenge could be the “fire” he requires to bring out the “gold” that has been suppressed in him.

2. It’s The Birth Of An Exciting Experience:
The journey of self discovery is one full of thrills, and excitements as well as hurdles. At this point of your teen’s life, allow him to be involved in things (activities) that excite him. In so doing, he is creating a “life path” for himself which will eventually sustain him when he grows into a man. Mothers especially, try oftentimes to “shield” their teens from activities that they feel is "too scary or dangerous" for their teen and in so doing, most times end up going overboard hence, denying them an opportunity to discover whatever it is they need about themselves. Allow him join the football team, go on hikes and excursions, sing in the band, join a choir, e.t.c It is in the process of doing these that you will know what he finds exciting and has passion for thereby, helping you as a parent to guide him through his “life’s work”.

3. It Will Expand His Mental, Emotional As Well As Physical Capacity;
In a bit to know who is, your teen must be allowed to engage in activities that will stretch him emotionally, mentally and physically. It is no news that for one to be successful, he must according to Donald J. Trump in his book “Think Big, …separate yourself from ninety eight percent of the rest of the world”. In order to do that, your teen must also “develop himself to be tough, be able to deal with pressure, think of solutions to problems that scare most people, fight back” e.t.c. Trust me, a teen whose parents are constantly “DICTATORS” may never achieve this. Trust your teen enough to allow him take certain decisions, face certain challenges (without you constantly trying to proffer solution), take risks, e.t.c because these will all add up to build his capacity. You must prepare him for the vicious world he is getting into, else he will become a prey and be eaten up by the predators out.

4. It Is A Process He Needs To Enable Him Grow From A Boy/Girl Into A Man/Woman:
The adventure your teen embarks on, is the means by which he/she transits from being a boy/girl to being a man/woman. It is not in itself what makes him experience that change. However, it helps him build self confidence and courage required for growth. One of the ways by which he builds his self esteem, is by the sense of accomplishment. When he/she knows that he/she has been able to accomplish something big or important, it builds the confidence in him/her required in the race of life. Giving him an opportunity to find things he can accomplish is one of vital reason why you should allow him embark on this adventure of self discovery. Don S. Otis said in his book “Whisker Rubs” that “…pursuing children, especially boys, to overcome obstacles through adventure builds self esteem naturally, and they need that to succeed in life”. Avoid shortcuts or constant interventions as a parent.

REMEMBER, effective parenting is a deliberate, calculated and skillfully planned responsibility

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…Do it right, do it well, and create a better tomorrow.
Julna Nankap(Esq)
Parents-Teen Coach.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Values to Inculcate in Middle Childhood

I was speaking to a friend, and all we talked about was children and their wonders. I talked with so much excitement and we both expressed our marvel at the energy and excitement these sect of humans dispel.

'Yes, little they are, but they are packed with amazing features. Children are different in sizes, colour, nationalities and race/tribe, but one can point out amazing things that they all have in common.

Middle childhood receives less attention than it should, especially in this part of the world. This stage of a child's development can greatly influence the results in subsequent stages of development.

Here are values to inculcate at this stage of development (Middle childhood)

  1. Allocate Responsibilities: The value of 'responsibilities' at this stage of a child's development will greatly profit the next stage of development. This value will inculcate the sense of self sufficiency and responsibility in a child. In some cultures, children as early as the age of two are given responsibilities to run certain errands in the family. For instance, some families allocate the responsibility of clearing light weighted dishes after meal to their little ones. As they grow, responsibilities can be added or changed.  This value when inculcated, will serve as an opportunity for acquiring skills, as well as an opportunity for cooperative activities.
  2. Inculcate some type of discipline: Like the good book says, "foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction chases it out". In this stage of development, children can be found to have almost no discipline; they do not know that breaking the TV is wrong, or that to splash water on the floor is wrong. They simply act according to how they feel. I like to see them (children) as clean slates at this stage, open to receive the writings of discipline and correction. The effects of inculcating some level of discipline on the clean slate of their mind will be seen in the next stage of development, even in subsequent stages. At this stage, parents or wards should inculcate some level of discipline in their children at every time, and it should be done in love and with softness.
  3. The the value of honesty: When I see grown ups who easily lie and put off the truth, I simply know that they do not know or understand the value of honesty. To avoid abuse, this value must be understood. The value of honesty stems to so many values, it connects to so many areas of ones life. A child who is taught the value of honesty will grow to have some glorious features that no one can easily deny. I will site that some communities experience the backwardness they experience, simply because their young generation was not taught the value of honesty; These young ones grow with a lack of understanding of the great value of honesty. Simply put that the value of honesty must be consciously inculcated in a child at this stage of development.
  4. The Value of Servant hood: A servant is a person who serves others. In this sense, Servant hood does not connote total subjection of a child to the total influence for direction of people, or making a slave of a child. It rather means making a child a need meeter and a person who chooses to serves others in love. Inculcating the value of giving a helping hand to others in need, and standing up for others when need arises can be done by little acts; like nudging a child to help older people carry things, encouraging a child to dust chairs in a children gathering and other ways. Great prestigious leaders that has walked the plains of this world and that are still alive doing great, are men and women who understand the value of Servant hood. They are men/women who stands up to the need of others, not minding the discomfort. Imagine a nation where this value is rightly inculcated in 60% of the nations population, during the stage of middle childhood.