Sunday, 24 September 2017


It is often said that somethings can hinder one from going forward in life.These things as big or as moribund as they are can cause hinderance as regards to the forwardness/upwardness of a persons life on earth.

Here, now and on this platform, I will like us to look at two factors that hinders forwardness amongst so many which are; the factor of past-achievements and past-failures.

A wise man once said "past achievements can hinder one from reaching the highest of heights on earth due the over whelming feeling that says 'I have seen it all, what else can there be'. This feeling might not look like it hinders because ofcourse the person has already attained some heights, but it sure hinders.

Also, the factor of past failures can limit one from reaching out and trying again. So many people tend to shun reaching out to achieve success, because of their past 'failure' experiences and they continue to wallow in the stage/position they are.

Strain Forward
But why can't we think like the great Apostle Paul, Who FORGETS (Philippians 3:13). Who at the wake of the morning FORGETS what is behind and strains towards what is ahead. He forgets the successes and failures, not minding what he has felt, wore, experienced and achieved before, he reaches out to a better and more promising tomorrow.

Now, understand that the Apostle Paul had many miracles wrought via him, but he still said 'I FORGET'!. Also, he experienced many disappointments and  pains but said the same thing 'I FORGET'!

This piece poses as a call for us to FORGET!
Forget past succeses and expand your coasts!
Forget past failures and reach forth for a brighter, bigger tomorrow!
Just ensure you FORGET!

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